In the magazine from ANWB which is called Kampioen, I found an article (see below this article, you can click the images and read it .. if you can read Dutch..) about a family who went Timber rafting in Sweden on the River Klarälven (‘Clear River).

Timber rafting is an ideal adventure holiday for adults, active families, small groups of friends or larger groups such as Scout groups and school parties. Building and piloting a timber raft is a marvellous exercise in teamwork and a unique adventure. The River Klarälven (“Clear River”) has the longest history of use as a professional logging route in Sweden and was used for this purpose right up until 1991. Timber Rafting on Klarälven gives you the opportunity to keep this tradition alive. From initial construction under the guidance of local instructors to final dismantling at the end of your tour, your timber raft will be your very own creation. Floating peacefully down river on a timber raft, the rhythm of the days dictated by the river, camping wild each night along the river bank on your voyage downstream, is surely the stuff of childhood dreams – the perfect way to experience the forest landscape of rural Värmland and the tiny villages of the Klarälven valley, with good chances of encountering beavers along the way! But floating downstream watching the world go by is only part of the story – timber rafting is a real adventure, a journey of discovery and an excellent team-building activity. You will need to keep a keen eye out for obstacles such as sandbanks and overhanging branches, learning to handle your log raft with pole and paddles as you steer her towards your final destination. The timber rafts used on the Klarälven river are straightforward to build and to dismantle after the trip. Ropes and logs of different thicknesses about 3m long are the only materials allowed. When complete, your raft will measure 6m x 3m and weigh around 2000kg! Your timber rafting tour takes you through a beautiful rural area of forests, small villages and farmland, giving you the opportunity to stop and explore the surrounding countryside along the route. With flexible start days and a choice of distances and duration, Timber Rafting on Klarälven is a very special kind of adventure holiday suitable for everyone who enjoys the outdoors, from active couples to corporate groups. Special rates are available for groups of 10 or more

This information came from Nature Travels, outdoor experiences in Sweden
You can find their site over here

I think it’s cool because you go back to nature again, back to the basics. We want to be in nature and forget the things in our stress society. No instant gratification! No obligations and no hurry! No cellphones, no other people, just you and your family/friends and the nature.  Enjoy the view and the ribbling of the water, relax! You’ve only have to try to keep yourself,  your clothes, the tent and the campfire dry and when it’s getting dark you have to look for a space where you can moor the float and put up the tent. It’s a way of surviving but also very relaxing because you only have to make sure that you won’t be stuck in the bushes or that kind of things and on the go you have to catch your meal.. no problem, enough fish in the river! Just go with the flow! Go fishing and enjoy the silence! On the go you also find a lot of simple campings and little villages to moor the float. You can stay there the night or buy yourself some meals in the supermarket or a little bakery. You aren’t that far away from the population but when your on the go it will feel like you are! Getting a good relationship with your family/friends, you will just have to deal with eachother because you can’t just leave the float.. It’s a whole experience, it will be an active but also very relaxing vacation which you won’t forget! You can see it as a kind of experience camping!

The article I read in Kampioen (ANWB) nummer 6/7, juni 2011:

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